Thank you for entering to win an evangelistic weekend with It Is Written Associate Speaker Eric Flickinger!
If you have questions or would like to enter to win, please visit the It Is Written booth (#714) at GYC in Houston, Texas from December 28 to January 1.

Please review the rules and conditions below.

Rules and Conditions

  • Offer is good through (free weekend must be completed by) January 1, 2018
  • It Is Written will provide air transportation to and from the nearest major airport
  • It Is Written will provide per diem to speaker
  • Eric Flickinger will present up to five presentations over a three day time period. Weekend presenations are preferred
  • Eric Flickinger will be representing and promoting It Is Written throughout the weekend   
  • Church will provide housing and local transportation during the agreed three-day time period
  • Church will contact Eric Flickinger at It Is Written to make arrangements
  • Church will provide a letter of request from their church board within 90 days of winning the drawing
  • Church is responible for advertising to area churches (up to 100 miles)

Church will select one of the following topics for the weekend:

Spark: It Is Written Evangelism Training—an evangelism training workshop that will help you turn your church into a thriving center of personal and public evangelism. Each workshop will provide you with the training you need to reach your community. Learn about the evangelism cycle, conducting a Bible study, door-to-door work, relationship building, and even the strategy behind mass mailings. Success is guaranteed for those who prayerfully follow our tested and proven evangelism plan. 

Inspiration Weekend—a special weekend designed to inspire members to actively participate in evangelistic outreach in their local community. With a mixture of inspirational stories and practical tips, the weekend is designed to motivate members to more actively engage in evangelism. Members will leave encouraged to commit themselves to serve as a part of an active local laity.
Reaping Weekend—a series of messages specialliy designed to obtain decisions for Jesus. If your church has been working diligently to share their faith with others, been giving Bible studies in the community, this is the series for you. Invite the local community and see results as people take the next step of baptism and church membership. This reaping weekend is designed to provide the final nudge to help people make a complete decision to follow Christ.