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For years, the It Is Written ministry has opened the Word of God every week to explore what the Bible has to say on topics like family issues, the meaning of life, science vs. religion, and Bible prophecy. This tradition continues under the leadership of Pastor John Bradshaw, the ministry’s current speaker/director.

You’re invited to watch/listen to the It Is Written series via these podcasts, and take them with you for later viewing on your MP3 player or laptop!

To learn more about our podcasts, read the podcast blog post.

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It Is Written

The flagship program of the ministry is presented by John Bradshaw and takes viewers to locations around the world while presenting the transforming teachings of the Bible.

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Sabbath School

An in-depth study of the Bible featuring the authors of the current adult Bible study guide. The weekly lesson study is posted Friday morning. Beginning August 1, a short review of the daily lesson study will also be released.

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Every Word One Minute Daily Devotional program banner

Every Word

A one-minute daily devotional designed to bless your day. Presented by Pastor John Bradshaw, Every Word applies Scripture to your daily experience, encouraging you to make the Bible an important part of your life. With fresh spiritual insights, this program will inspire your faith and draw you closer to the heart of God.

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Line Upon Line

Hosted by Pastors John Bradshaw and Eric Flickinger and based upon the Bible, Line Upon Line tackles questions submitted by It Is Written viewers. Sometimes controversial, sometimes fun, and always important, Line Upon Line connects you with answers to the questions that matter most.

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Taking you into the heart of inspirational experiences and unforgettable testimonies that will encourage you in your own walk with God.

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In the Word

Presents inspirational preaching by Pastor John Bradshaw on a wide range of biblical subjects.

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