Join Us for a Partnership Weekend

Enjoy this brief video of Speaker/Director John Bradshaw discussing the upcoming Partnership Season.

What is a Partner?

Partners are an influential and vital part of the It Is Written ministry, providing support for evangelism and special ministry projects. Each year, Partners support the ministry and mission of It Is Written with a commitment of at least $125 per month or $1,500 per year.

What is a Partnership Weekend?

Partnership Weekends are highly spiritual and inspirational—an unforgettable celebration of fellowship, preaching and music. We provide five catered vegetarian meals, a comfortable hotel room, and exciting stories of what God is doing through the ministry of It Is Written. A special program is designed for children as well!

Each Partnership weekend has a theme that proclaims our belief in the imminent return of Christ. The signs foretold in prophecy are happening so fast, they're hard to ignore. Join us this fall and see how you can take part in hastening that day.

Where are these Partnership locations?

The 2015 It Is Written Partnership Weekends will be hosted in six locations across the United States. Attend a Partnership Weekend, and see how you can participate in the mission and vision of spreading the Gospel. Call 1-800-479-9056 to register, or use the form on this website.