Click below for audio files of messages from Pastor John Bradshaw at the 2019 It Is Written Partnership weekend December 6-8, 2019 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. On Saturday night, at each Partnership event, Partners played the Bible quiz game using the It Is Written Quiz Book. The winner selected Pastor Bradshaw’s sermon for Sunday morning. Because each of these sermons is different, they are also included below. You may listen here or download the file for sharing or loading onto your preferred device.

Gatlinburg – Friday Night Ministry Update
Gatlinburg – Friday Night Devotional
Gatlinburg – Sabbath Morning Sermon
Gatlinburg – Sabbath Morning Vision
Gatlinburg – Sunday Morning
Gettysburg – Sunday Morning
Orlando – Sunday Morning
Palm Springs – Sunday Morning
Portland – Sunday Morning
Monterey – Sunday Morning

If you would prefer an MP3 CD of these sermons, please let us know by calling 800-479-9056.


Friday Night

Saturday Morning 1

Saturday Morning 2

Saturday Evening

Sunday Morning


Ministry Update

Lost Opportunity


The Vision

Who is Fighting Your Battles?

Ministry Headquarters Update

Miracle in Ireland


Friday Evening Devotional



Capital Campaign Update

60th Anniversary Highlight

Sunday Morning Devotional



The Welcome


The Vision


The Unsung