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During Revelation Today in Las Vegas, nearly 300 people made a decision for
baptism in that city alone, and many others committed or recommitted their lives to Christ. Now that Revelation Today from Las Vegas is complete, it only strengthens our commitment to reaching the great cities of the world. So what’s next on God’s “To Do List”? Paris, France, where we will conduct a series titled, Le Grand Espoir, or The Great Hope.

Paris is one of the world’s iconic and truly influential cities. There are 12 million people who live in and around this great City of Light, which has become a spiritual wasteland. Once a bastion of biblical Protestant Christianity, Paris is now a secular, postmodern, jaded city wracked with unrest, trouble, poverty and crime. Paris needs your help to receive Jesus Christ and learn that He is the Answer.

The momentum from Revelation Today is carrying forward and growing for Le Grand Espoir—The Great Hope—in Paris, which begins May 1. Your support through It Is Written will bring more people to Jesus Christ in a city that so desperately needs Him now. Help share the light today!