Coronavirus Updates

What can I do to be prepared?

Join Pastor John Bradshaw as he speaks with medical experts and others on the frontlines of fighting the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. They share what the disease is, how to stay safe and healthy, and the spiritual implications of it all.

Davenia Lee

Watch the miraculous story of one family’s encounter with the coronavirus on a cruise ship, as Pastor John Bradshaw speaks with Davenia Lee.

Ruben Muriente

Domestic violence is a serious issue as society is dealing with unprecedented challenges. Pastor John Bradshaw speaks with Ruben Muriente on dealing with domestic violence.

Dr. Harvey Hahn

In challenging times, how do you deal with stress? Pastor John Bradshaw speaks with Dr. Harvey Hahn about what you can do to cope with stress.

Dr. Richard Hart

Pastor John Bradshaw speaks with Dr. Richard Hart, President and CEO of Loma Linda University Health, about how hospital systems and individuals are handling the COVID-19 crisis.

Dr. David DeRose

The focus of the entire world is upon personal health. Pastor John Bradshaw speaks with Dr. David DeRose about what you can you do to strengthen your immune system.

Dr. Lyndi Schwartz

With much of the world under mandatory “stay at home” orders, Dr. Lyndi Schwartz talks with Pastor John Bradshaw about the challenge of isolation.

Dr. Roger Seheult

In this update, Pastor John Bradshaw speaks with Dr. Roger Seheult, a pulmonology, critical care, and sleep specialist based in Southern California. Dr. Seheult talks about what we can be doing right now to make ourselves as safe as possible during this time of global crisis.

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Dr. David DeRose

In this video, John Bradshaw and Dr. David DeRose offer some practical steps you can take to protect your physical and spiritual well-being from the coronavirus (COVID-19). They also discuss the most important aspect of the pandemic–something that is being ignored. A Spanish transcription is available here from Escrito Está.

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