ACTS 20:21 Virtual Evangelism Journey

with It Is Written



So, what is it?

It’s a 16-month evangelism initiative that will include 6 virtual series to specifically reach people in the online world.

Why the name ACTS 20:21?

  1. ACTS because like the early Christians It Is Written is passionate about sharing Jesus with people. Evangelism is what drives us.
  2. 20:21 Because our journey spans the years ‘20 and ‘21. We start this September, 2020, and conclude this journey on December 31, 2021.
  3. And, when you read the verse found in ACTS 20:21, perfectly fits what we are trying to do:
    Testifying to Jews, and also to Greeks, repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.

What does It Is Written desire to do through ACTS 20:21?

  • Provide churches the best and most compelling virtual programs for people in their community to watch.
  • Create and manage a professionally-done social media advertising campaign and thus connecting churches with searching and seeking people.
  • Facilitate excellent evangelism training through SALT 365.
  • Offer useful resources.

Those are our broad goals. Let us get into the specifics

  1. ACTS 20:21 is a journey. The journey is based on the evangelism cycle model which includes all the elements you’d find in the farming cycle:
    1. Personal preparation.
    2. Soil preparation.
    3. Seed sowing.
    4. Cultivation.
    5. Harvest.
    6. Harvest preservation.
  2. ACTS 20:21 includes 6 virtual series of meetings with each series building on the previous one. Some of the presentations are soil preparation, others are seed sowing, and, of course, the one toward the end is the harvest series.
  3. People register to attend our virtual meetings thanks to carefully prepared and executed online advertising campaigns.
  4. The purpose of ACTS 20:21 is to complement what churches are already doing not to replace.
  5. Finally, ACTS 20:21 is about building relationships one person at a time. In other words, making friends for Jesus.

A quick walk through the journey.

  1. Answers in Prophecy. A look at ancient prophecies that speak about the present and future of our world.
    • October 9-21, 2020
    • 10 presentations
  2. No Limits: A Life of Power. A Revival series that will change lives.
    • January 24-29, 2021
    • 6 presentations
  3. Next Level Health, a bridge-building series that will focus on the connection between health, body and spirit.
    • April 23-29, 2021
    • 7 presentations
  4. Bridge-building series that will examine the power of prayer.
    • August 22-27, 2021
    • 6 presentations
  5. Harvest series: Revelation Today
    • October 1-23, 2021
    • 19 presentations
  6. Follow-up series
    • October 24-30, 2021
    • 5 presentations

In addition, It Is Written will manage social media advertising campaign to invite people to sign up for online-Bible studies.

The price for a church/district to participate in ACTS 20:21 is $4995.

$4,995 gets you the following (a value of $7,500):

  • Professionally done and targeted social media advertising to your selected zip codes or geographic radius. Value: $5,000
  • Access to Outreach, It Is Written’s brand new and easy-to-use interest tracking database. It was specifically designed for evangelism.
  • Access to the It Is Written Online Bible school where progress of students from your area can be monitored.
  • Soul-winning training through SALT 365. Value: $500
  • Advertising material to be used locally. We also will provide you with templates for handbills to advertise the diverse meetings by mail.
  • Digital mega mailer advertising to be done in May 2021. Value: $1,000
  • One registration to attend ReCharge (food and lodging in the cabin), the It Is Written Evangelism and Church Growth retreat held each December. The registration is good for either 2020 or 2021. Value: $500
  • 25% discounts on all It Is Written evangelism resources. $500
  • Ongoing customer support (Zoom meetings, updates, etc.)

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For more assistance, please email [email protected] or call Yves Monnier at 661-319-9529.

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