The Life-Changing Work of Evangelism

It Is Written has seen a resurgence of requests for evangelism around the globe.

It is with your prayers and support that It Is Written has been able to see the Gospel proclaimed to thousands of people all over the world. Right now, It Is Written is in Paris sharing Jesus in a series entitled Le Grand Espoir. The people of Paris need to hear the Three Angels’ Messages!

Le Grand Espoir is how It Is Written is reaching the French-speaking people of the world. In September, It Is Written will conduct another evangelistic event in Dayton, Ohio. We already have hundreds of people receiving Bible studies in preparation for this fall series. And It Is Written’s Spanish program recently had a large series of public meetings in Bogota, Columbia that resulted in more than 1,000 baptisms!

God has given us a remarkable opportunity to reach the world with the Gospel message. Your support allows us to fulfill the mission God has given you and me to reach a world in desperate need of hope. It Is Written will be busy over the next year and a half, and your prayers will help our evangelistic meetings be a success in spreading the Gospel.

I would also like to ask for your support with a special gift this month. It Is Written will be spreading the Word of God around the world, and your support will help us reach the people who need to hear God’s saving truth.