Cuba Mission Trip

Dates How many Location Price
November 15, 2023
November 26, 2023
20-40 people Niquero, Cuba $1,475, not including airfare (this price does include a Cuban religious Visa)


Niquero is a remote coastal town in the southeast portion of the island of Cuba. It is a rural location with warm and friendly people who are curious and interested in the gospel. It is one of the poorest countries in the Caribbean with a low GDP average. It is a country of great need, and God will use you to make a huge difference in Niquero. The Conference there is very mission minded and fully cooperative in our evangelistic efforts. The area is very ripe for a harvest. Medical work will be very effective in this area, and we will run a clinic in the mornings where professionals can consult with patients. At night, we will conduct evangelism and children’s programming. People of all ages and skill levels are needed.


November 15, 2023


November 26, 2023

Travel Information

We will fly into Holguin, Cuba and take a bus to Niquero. Your itinerary should plan to arrive on November 15th. If you choose to arrive earlier than the arrival date or depart after the departure date mentioned above, you will be responsible for payments and arranging any additional nights at the hotel as well as transportation to and from the airport.

Accommodation Details

Accommodations will be at the Niquero Hotel. It is the nicest hotel in town. Breakfast will be served at the hotel. Arrangements will be made by It Is Written.



To be announced. (All excursions, if any, will be an additional cost.)

Cuba Facts & Figures


Cuba: 11.3 million
Niquero: 41,000

Primarily Spanish with some local dialects

Nearly 80% of the country claims Roman Catholicism as their belief system. The remaining portion is primarily Protestant and Evangelical.

The climate is moderate in Cuba in February. The average temperature fluctuates between 78 and 82 degrees.

Cuban Peso. The currency exchange is about 24 Cuban Pesos to 1USD. Many items tend to be cheaper in Cuba than the US.

Most outlets are 220 and are fitted for a 110. You should check your items to make sure they can accommodate higher voltages. If not, you will need to bring a converter for items such as curling irons, beard trimmers, etc.

Time Difference
Cuba is in the GMT-4 time zone, which is the same as Eastern Standard time zone.

Drink only unopened bottled water or other drinks unless you confirm that it is purified.

Entry Requirements

  1. US Passport not expiring within 6 months of arrival.
  2. Return flight info.
  3. Printed Hotel Information.
  4. Letter of invitation from the Conference (We will provide).

Medical Requirements

Check the recommended vaccines and medicine list and consider visiting your Dr. 4-6 weeks before the trip for any further medical advice you need.

CDC Travel Recommendations

Registration Information

Register Online

Registration Forms and Deposit Due
Cuba requires a religious visa for all mission trip
participants. The process takes a minimum of 90 days to complete.
Therefore, you must apply for the trip and provide your initial deposit of
$800 by August 1st.

Final Payment Due
October 15, 2023 ($675)

Payment Options

Pay online

Over the phone
Call Cathy Quedzuweit to make a payment by debit/credit card at 423-362-5822

Mail a check to
It Is Written, Attn: Cuba Mission Trip, P.O. Box 6, Chattanooga, TN, 37401