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Danger on the Doorstep

In June of 2018, hundreds of lives were lost following a volcanic eruption in Guatemala. The majority of those who perished could have survived if simple steps had been taken. In a world filled with spiritual danger, simple steps can ensure your spiritual safety. Learn the story of the eruption of Volcan de Fuego, and discover timeless secrets that will preserve you in the midst of temptation and sin. Filmed on location in Guatemala.

Man of Vision

When Jesus was on Earth, He opened the eyes of the blind—a work that is still being carried out today. In this episode John Bradshaw travels to India to witness the life-changing effect of It Is Written’s “Eyes for India” project. Join him and see how God is giving sight to the blind!

Mission: Mongolia

Once a nation of nomads, Mongolia is becoming increasingly urbanized. A communist country until recently, Mongolia has now embraced democracy. This has caused rapid changes, including over-population and high rates of diabetes. With a population that is 97% non-Christian, what will Mongolia’s future look like? And how big of a part will God play in the future of Mongolia?

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