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Health DVDs and Books

  • Healing Insights #1 Dealing With Stress

    Discover that the Great Physician has a divine prescription for stress that will help you successfully negotiate this stress-filled world!

  • Healing Insights 2: Fasting and Prayer

    A common-sense look at the subject of fasting and prayer, this book provides helpful Biblical insights that will make the benefits accessible and real.

  • Cancer: Is There Hope?

    Join Dr. Neil Nedley, president of Nedley Health Solutions, and Pastor John Bradshaw as they talk about hope in the face of cancer in three inspiring programs.

  • Depression: Is There a Way Out?

    Discover the causes and cure of depression in these informative interviews with Dr. Neil Nedley.

  • Healing Insights

    Dr. DeRose shares practical, life-changing health insights drawn from covering the entire Gospel of Mark.

  • Health Matters

    What does the Bible say about diet and lifestyle? Is it a big deal to God?

Upcoming TV Programs

  • Scriptural Solutions / Stressed Out (DeRose Interview)
  • Scriptural Solutions / Coping With Stress (DeRose Interview)
  • Scriptural Solutions / You Are What You Eat (DeRose Interview)
  • Scriptural Solutions / Health & Healing (DeRose Interview)
  • Scriptural Solutions / Living a Balanced Life (DeRose Interview)
  • Jesus the Healer (Cancer interviews by John)
  • The Original Diet (John Westerdahl Interview)
  • Healing Foods of the Bible (John Westerdahl Interview)
  • Anti-Aging Secrets (John Westerdahl Interview)
  • Emotional Intelligence, What is It? (Nedley Interview)
  • Controlling Your Emotions (Nedley Interview)
  • Becoming A Smarter You (Nedley Interview)
  • Peak Performance (Nedley Interview)
  • The Pathway to Hope (Nedley Interview)
  • Food For Thought (Nedley Interview)
  • Boosting Your Brain (Nedley Interview)
  • Beating Diabetes (Nedley Interview)