Evangelism Calendar

Chattanooga, Tennessee

January 11-19, 2019
This is a one-week series with Pastor John Bradshaw that will take place at the Orchard Park Church, just a few miles from It Is Written’s home office.

Melbourne, Australia

January 25-28, 2019
Pastors Eric Flickinger and Yves Monnier along with Jack Phillips are joining forces to train hundreds of evangelism volunteers in preparation for the meetings in May.

Chisinau, Moldova

January 24-February 10, 2019
This mission trip is designed for pastors and lay evangelists who want to hone their public evangelism skills. Pastor Douglas Na’a, director of SALT–It Is Written’s evangelism school–will be leading the trip. During the day Pastor Na’a will be doing evangelism training and in the evening, everyone will be conducting their own evangelistic series.

Phoenix, Arizona

February 2, 2019
Evangelism rally with Paster John Bradshaw

Indianapolis, Indiana

February 16, 2019
Evangelism rally with Pastor Robert Costa. This rally is part of our journey leading up to statewide evangelistic series in Indiana.

Franktown/Castle Rock, Colorado

February 15-23, 2019
This is a one-week series with Pastor John Bradshaw done in collaboration with churches in Franktown and Castle Rock, Colorado.

Zamiin Uud, Mongolia

February 27-March 11, 2019
This will be It Is Written’s sixth mission trip to Mongolia. Since the first one in 2015, our mission trips have had a tremendous effect on the growth of the church in Mongolia. We have discovered that our health clinics are a powerful entering wedge into communities that are over 97 percent non-Christian.


March 1-10, 2019
Holy Land Tour with Pastor John Bradshaw and Dr. Michael Hasel. Dr. Hasel is a world-renowned archaeologist.

Beirut, Lebanon

March 14-31, 2019
God has opened the door for Pastor John Bradshaw to do a two-week series in a place where public evangelism has been extremely difficult. The game changer are the hundreds of thousands of refugees from Iraq. Being displaced from their homes, they are now open to hear the beautiful message of Jesus.

Melbourne, Australia

May 3-June 1, 2019
For over two years we have been planning and preparing for city-wide evangelistic series in this city of over four million inhabitants. Pastors John Bradshaw and Eric Flickinger will each be conducting two series of meetings. In other words, they’ll be preaching every day and on one of those days, they’ll be preaching twice.

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

May 9-26, 2019
Our small team of lay evangelists is actually joining Southern Adventist University students on this mission trip and will be part of all their daily activities, including preaching at night.

Cajamarca, Peru

June 12-23, 2019
This is It Is Written’s first mission trip to the land of the Incas. The people in Cajamarca are very open to hearing the everlasting gospel – we just need more preachers.

Arsi Negele, Ethiopia

July 5-21, 2019
This is going to be It Is Written’s first mission trip to Ethiopia. We are headed to one of those communities that most of the world overlooks. Yet the hundreds of thousands of people who live there desperately need medical and dental attention as well as the good news of Jesus.

French Polynesia

October 24-November 10, 2019
Yes, even people living in an earthly paradise need Jesus because behind the idyllic sites there’s a lot of pain and suffering.

Phoenix, Arizona

September 27-October 26, 2019
Pastors John Bradshaw and Robert Costa (Escrito Esta) are joining forces in Mesa area of Phoenix to proclaim the Good News.

Hagerstown, Maryland

October (exact dates to be determined)
This evangelistic series will be conducted by Pastor Eric Flickinger in one of the fastest growing cities in the United States in the picturesque Great Appalachian Valley.