It Is Written Ambassadors

 Statement of Purpose:

It Is Written is committed to using every possible resource to impact our world with the light of God’s love. It Is Written boldly takes the Word of God to all parts of the United States and the world.

The hundreds of people who pray for and support the ministry as Partners are an integral part of It Is Written’s ministry. Without this network of faithful friends, It Is Written could not exist.

It is the intent of It Is Written to strengthen this body of faithful friends by establishing a network of Ambassadors who would be authorized to represent and promote It Is Written in their local communities.

We believe that an army of Ambassadors will have a powerful impact upon hundreds and thousands and will greatly strengthen the ministry of It Is Written.

The Plan: 

1. An Ambassador: An authorized and trained representative of It Is Written with full rights to promote the ministry, recruit Partners and have an active part in the evangelistic mission of It Is Written in his/her respective community.

2. Qualifications: An It Is Written Ambassador must

  1. Have a personal relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ.
  2. Have a high level of integrity and Christian ethics.
  3. Be an active viewer/listener of It Is Written’s programing and ministry.
  4. Be a current supporter of It Is Written at some financial level.
  5. Have a desire to promote evangelism and to spread the everlasting gospel.
  6. Be articulate and personable with the ability to speak when necessary.
  7. Show enthusiasm in conveying information to others.

3. Job Description:

  1. Visit churches within their region to promote It Is Written.
  2. Initiate the development of church-centered Bible schools using It Is Written resource materials.
  3. Follow-up It Is Written’s interest/listeners and connect them with the church.
  4. Represent It Is Written at camp meetings and other local and regional events.
  5. Be a Prayer Warrior, praying for those who have called the home office requesting prayer.
  6. Be willing to attend regional Partnership meetings.
  7. Promote Partnership participation and attendance.
4. Expected Results through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit:
    Within three years:
  1. Double the viewing/listening audience.
  2. Double the number of Partners.
  3. Double the effectiveness of It Is Written’s soul winning results.
  4. Double the number of baptisms resulting from It Is Written’s programming.

5. Resources to be provided:

  1. A business card, identifying the Ambassador as an official representative of It Is Written.
  2. Access to the master calendar of events and speaking appointments.
  3. Access to the various employees at It Is Written office by phone or email.
  4. Posters or other promotional material to be placed in churches regarding It Is Written’s worldwide evangelism outreach.
  5. A variety of handout materials to be distributed in churches, camp meetings and regional church events and during home visits with people.
  6. Bible study resources to be used in the establishment of local Bible schools

Ultimate Goal: That people everywhere come to know Jesus Christ and His saving grace.