Unsealing Daniel’s Mysteries

A Bible Study Series by Mark Finley

Golden images, winged lions, proud kings, Judgment Day and the Holy Sanctuary…they are all part of the fascinating, colorful book of Daniel. Follow along in this chapter-by-chapter, self-grading Bible study as you unravel complex prophecies and learn simple biblical principles for everyday life.

Thought-provoking topics include:

  • Confidence in Crisis
  • Kingdoms in Collision
  • Always on Time
  • Still in His Hands

You will enjoy exploring the prophetic book of Daniel through these free Bible studies. Each Christ-centered lesson explains Daniel’s prophecies and how they impact your life and future.

Click here to begin your journey. Note: If you don’t have a Bible to look up the answers to the questions, simply click the “Submit” button in each window, and the answers will appear. To use an online Bible to look up the references, please click here.

For those returning to this page, simply click on the following links to go directly to the individual lessons:

  1. Prophetic Symbols Revealed
  2. The Psychics vs. the Prophet
  3. Defying the Death Decree
  4. The Impossible Deliverance
  5. Life’s Greatest Mistake
  6. Confidence in the Crisis
  7. Kingdoms in Collision
  8. Cleansed at Last
  9. Always on Time
  10. Without a Doubt
  11. Still in His Hands
  12. The End and a New Beginning

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Artwork by Nathan Greene. Used with permission.