1 Godpod ($50)
3 Godpods ($150)
5 Godpods ($250)

(minimum $10.00)

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More than half of Papua New Guinea’s population has never read the Scriptures due to illiteracy. This means that more than 3 million people scattered throughout Papua New Guinea’s 600 islands have never read the Gospel message.

It Is Written is committed to supplying the remote tribes and villages of Papua New Guinea with "Godpods." These ingenious solar-powered audio Bibles require no batteries and absolutely no maintenance.

The plan is to provide one Godpod for every extended family unit. This means one audio Bible for every 50 people, translated and recorded into the Tok Pisin language (also known as Pidgin English) of Papua New Guinea!

Our goal is to raise enough funds for 10,000 units. That way, everyone in Papua New Guinea who wants to learn about God can have access to His Word. At $50 per Godpod, this is a real challenge, but It Is Written has received a $20,000 matching grant to help this project reach its goal.

Please consider a gift today. You will be placing the Word of God directly into the hands of a family in a remote corner of Papua New Guinea.