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2015 Speakers and Musicians

Guest Speakers

Dr. G. Alexandar Bryant
Executive Secretary of NAD
Speaking at Gatlinburg #1 Partnership, September 11-13


Erika Puni, Ph.D.
GC Stewardship Director
Speaking at Gettysburg Partnership, September 18-20


Pastor David Shin
East Lansing University Church
Speaking at Portland Partnership, September 25-27


Dr. Allan Handysides
Retired Director of Health Ministries for the General Conference
Speaking at Palm Springs Partnership, November 6-8


Dr. Des Cummings
Executive Vice President of Florida Hospital
Speaking at Montery Partnership, November 13-15


Derek Morris
Editor of Ministry Magazine
Speaking at Orlando Partnership, November 20-22


Adam Ramdin
Youth Ministries Director of North England Conference
Speaking at Gatlinburg #2 Partnership, December 4-6


Guest Musicians


Charles Haugabrooks
Featured at all Partnerships


Michael Andrews
Featured at all Partnerships


Scott Bennett
Featured at all Partnerships


Naomi Jackson
Featured at all Partnerships