Giving Thanks: Health Update from John Bradshaw

Posted on Mar 25 2014

Dear Friend of It Is Written,

Some time back, I shared with you that I was facing an unexpected health challenge. To learn that you have a cancerous tumor in your body is a serious thing, and sadly, it is something many people experience.

After going through surgery and follow-up treatment, my physicians have been able to inform me that my cancer is now in remission. I'll be carefully observed moving forward, and if things stay as they are, I'll be considered cured at the five-year mark.

So at this stage, the news regarding my health could not possibly be better than it is. And I want to sincerely thank you for your prayers. God has answered in a most wonderful way. My family and I are extremely thankful and deeply humbled by the kindness and Christian love shown to us by so many. Thank you for the prayers that have been offered on our behalf!

I'm looking to the future with great confidence. God continues to bring wonderful ministry opportunities to It Is Written. This year began with the enormous blessing during our meetings in India, and the miracles of our Eyes for India project.

Later this year, we have additional series, and a major North American event in January of next year. And we're filming more exciting television programs, and developing new products and study aids, which we'll be announcing in the coming months.

I've received much motherly and fatherly advice counseling me not to overdo it and expend too much energy. You have my assurance: my family is precious enough to me that I want to be around to enjoy them in the long term. Ministry isn't a sprint, but a marathon. With God's help, I'm managing my workload without doing any less in the Lord's service. These are times of opportunity in the work of God!

Thank you for your prayers. I so appreciate the love and concern that have been expressed to me. And thank you for your prayers for It Is Written, and for your continued financial support. Through your support, God is using this ministry in powerful ways for His glory.

Yours in the blessed hope,

John Bradshaw