Take It Is Written with you!

For 55 years, the It Is Written ministry has opened the Word of God every week to explore what the Bible has to say on topics like family issues, the meaning of life, science vs. religion, and Bible prophecy. This tradition continues under the leadership of Pastor John Bradshaw, the ministry's current speaker/director.

You're invited to watch/listen to the It Is Written series via these vodcasts and podcasts, and take them with you for later viewing on your MP3 player or laptop!


It Is Written Weekly Program

Since 1956, the It Is Written television program has addressed some of life's biggest questions by turning to the Bible for answers. Join Pastor John Bradshaw each week as he opens the Word to address questions like: "Does God exist?" "Why is there so much hurt in the world?" and "How can I understand the book of Revelation?" Subscribe to get these free Christ-centered presentations each week, or download the individual programs that interest you most!


Every Word

John Bradshaw's online devotional series—called Every Word—provides a daily spiritual boost for busy people. In each one-minute program, Pastor Bradshaw focuses on one verse per day, with a new devotional every day of the week! Watch the latest programs online or search by topic. E-mail and iTunes options are also available, so watch today!


A Better Way to Live

A Better Way to Live is a daily spiritual boost delivered directly to your computer. Join Pastor Shawn Boonstra of It Is Written Television as he takes 3-4 minutes each day (Monday - Friday) to focus on one passage from the Bible and apply it to daily living. This free series is perfect for people on the go. Subscribe today and receive each new daily devotional as it becomes available!


The Appearing

As debates and theories about end-of-the-world events permeate the popular media, Shawn Boonstra, in the series The Appearing, takes a closer look at what the ancient prophecies of the Bible actually say, and pieces together a startling but undeniable picture of last-day events that may come as a surprise to many people.

The Appearing utilizes the precision of Bible prophecy to present a hope-filled and encouraging biblical view about the Second Coming of Christ.


Even These Believed

Have you ever been discouraged? Some days, do you feel like giving up? Is believing in God more work than it's worth? In this series of five programs, Pastor Shawn Boonstra shares, through stories of people who have traveled to the farthest outposts of atheism and returned to God, that there is ever-present hope.


The Big Five Questions About Life

Does God really exist? This question and others like it are often the subject of heated debates. This thought-provoking series, featuring Pastor Shawn Boonstra and Pastor Mark Finley, uses Bible texts along with historical facts to answer some of life's biggest and most difficult questions.


The Clash of Cultures

Join Pastor Shawn Boonstra and Pastor Mark Finley for this special series titled The Clash of Cultures. These five dynamic programs address present-day conflicts and what the Bible has to say about them.