Future Programs

04/20/2014 - Not Against Us
Why is it important to know that Jesus is our High Priest—our Intercessor—in Heaven? What should we do if we feel we're not good enough to get to Heaven?

04/27/2014 - Prayer in the Real World
Not all prayers are answered the way we wish they were. What do you do when it seems like God didn't hear your prayer?

05/11/2014 - Taking Back Your Life
One out of three people today say that they’re dealing with extreme levels of stress. We’re angry, nervous, exhausted and depressed. The good news is that there's something very real that can do about it. Today’s problem will tell you how you can find balance amidst the din of modern life.

06/15/2014 - Who's Your Daddy?
Many people wander through life not knowing what their life really means. Were we the result of a big explosion? Or were we created for a purpose? Where, exactly, did we come from?

07/06/2014 - Auschwitz: Never Again
On location in Poland.