Future Programs

09/28/2014 - England's Great Reformer
Filmed on location in England, John Bradshaw shares the story of the reformer John Wesley.

10/05/2014 - Man of Vision
An incredible update on the "Eyes for India" project that is giving sight to the blind!

10/12/2014 - Risk Factors
The Bible says our bodies are wonderfully made. But in today’s affluent society, there are risk factors that threaten our health. Thousands are dying each year in this country due to lifestyle diseases such as heart attack, stroke, cancer and more. Is there a solution to this epidemic?

10/19/2014 - Trouble in the Temple
The Bible also states that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, and for many—even Christians—there is trouble in the temple. Our physical health has a direct influence our spiritual health, and you can experience an improvement in both through this program!

10/26/2014 - The Allure of Death
In recent years, society has seen an undeniably increasing fascination with death, and life after death, and the occult. Is it possible to communicate with the dead? What does the Bible say about it?