Future Programs

03/01/2015 - Cancer: Is there hope?
Thousands die of cancer every year, begging the question: are there things we can do to help prevent cancer? Discover simple and effective ways to reduce your risk of cancer with Dr. Neil Nedley, president of Nedley Health Solutions, and Pastor John Bradshaw in this inspiring program.

03/08/2015 - Bulls and Bears
Wall Street is the financial nerve center of the world, and has been the epicenter of some dramatic financial highs and lows. Does God have a plan to offer financial security in an insecure world? (Filmed on location in New York City).

03/15/2015 - The Land of Promise
New York City was the gateway to life in a better land for millions of hope-filled people. Today, God offers us eternal life in a better land. Don't miss "Land of Promise," filmed on location in New York City.

03/22/2015 - Hidden Heroes

03/29/2015 - The Roman Road

04/05/2015 - Not Against Us
Why is it important to know that Jesus is our High Priest—our Intercessor—in Heaven? What should we do if we feel we're not good enough to get to Heaven?

04/12/2015 - By This Sign