Future Programs

11/30/2014 - The Counterfeit Faith
Today's program will take a look at the great controversy between good and evil—a war in Heaven and its resulting implications for planet Earth. The spiritual battle in which we find ourselves is very real, but we can have victory through Christ!

12/07/2014 - The Revolution Against Tyranny
This week's program focuses on an experiment with atheism and its tragic consequences. A nation found out too late that it doesn't pay to banish God!

12/14/2014 - The Man Who Fought Prophecy
Napoleon was on a quest to dominate Europe, but he was fighting against more than rulers and nations! Today's program will take a look at history and prophecy—don't miss it.

12/21/2014 - All I Want for Christmas
Join the Bradshaw family for an all-new Christmas special celebrating the birth of Christ.

12/28/2014 - Man of Vision
An incredible update on the "Eyes for India" project that is giving sight to the blind!