The opportunity is great. Act now. Build a church for the Lord!
India is a country with 1.3 billion people and 600,000 villages. Yet in spite of these vast numbers, decisions for Christ were few and far between in recent decades.

But something has changed, and the people of India are listening to the Gospel. Elder Bradshaw is holding a meeting in India right now as the Holy Spirit continues to be poured out.

But there’s an urgent need! We need to build 25 churches in these villages so these new congregations will have a place to meet. And we also want to supply these churches with Bible workers and pastors.

Each church will cost $6,000, and you can be a part of this project by making a donation today!

If you would like to sponsor an entire church ($6,000), you will receive a photo of the completed church, and a plaque will be displayed inside the church in honor of the name you request.